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Dual Degree Graduate Student Promotes Professional Development Among Peers  

Photo of Alondra Duncan-Belford, a current dual degree graduate student and assistant.

Alondra Duncan-Belford is currently a graduate student in the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) and M.A. in Diplomacy and International Relations dual degree program.

Alondra Duncan-Belford is in the second year of an ambitious dual graduate degree program. A native of Virginia Beach, Alondra is working toward a Master of Arts (M.A.) from the School of Diplomacy and International Relations and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from the W. Paul Stillman School of Business.

Added to the mix, Duncan-Belford also works as a graduate assistant in the School of Diplomacy's Office of Internships and Career Development. As a G.A., Duncan-Belford receives tuition assistance and the opportunity to complete a dual program of study with the School of Business.

Duncan-Belford's primary responsibility as a graduate assistant is guiding students through the School of Diplomacy's internship programs and helps establish their professional goals. Through various communications to fellow students, Duncan-Belford promotes job and internship opportunities to enhance their professional and experiential learning while attending Seton Hall.

Working alongside the School's Director of Internships and Career Development, Robert Case, M.S., Duncan-Belford assists in planning and executing many events the office hosts as part of their career development activities. Professionals who work in international relations are invited to speak with students including guest speakers from the United Nations, the Peace Corps and numerous non-governmental organizations.

Additionally, the Office of Internships and Career Development holds workshops to help students develop their careers and secure a job post-graduation. Duncan-Belford assists students with writing cover letters, setting up LinkedIn profiles and editing resumes.

"As a graduate assistant at the School, I've met people I never would have had the chance to meet, such as speakers working in international relations and students from other schools," said Duncan-Belford. "I especially enjoy the student interaction and have made new friends."

When Duncan-Belford was applying for graduate school, they reached out to Benjamin Goldfrank, Ph.D., a professor from the School of Diplomacy to discuss the dual degree program. Being inspired by Professor Goldfrank's work and overall welcoming interaction, in addition to other faculty and students, ultimately drove Duncan-Belford to apply to Seton Hall.

"My interaction with Professor Goldfrank played an important part in my decision to attend Seton Hall," said Duncan-Belford. "He teaches classes on Latin American politics, society, and economic development. He also looks at U.S. foreign policy toward the region."

Beyond the Office of Internships and Career Development, Duncan-Belford is also connected with students through the Journal of Diplomacy and International Relations, where they serve as a social media associate.

Prior to coming to Seton Hall, Duncan-Belford graduated from the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Government and Latin American Studies.

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