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School of Diplomacy and International Relations

Feedback for the School

With renewed commitment, the School of Diplomacy envisions its future path guided by one chief ideal: to serve students and the international community as one of the premier professional schools of international affairs and the preeminent school connected to the United Nations.

As a multi-stakeholder community, we are deeply committed to engaging in two-way dialogue and a constructive feedback process that aims to realize our goals and improve the experiences of all of our constituents. Your feedback – both positive and negative - is important to us. Together, we will shape the School of Diplomacy’s next 20 years.

Opportunities to Share Feedback:

Please Note:

  • Feedback will be addressed directly with the individual(s) who provides the comments – in person, by phone or via email- unless they are shared anonymously. In these instances, feedback with broad application can be addressed as needed through DULCE.