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Insights on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and International Affairs with Spectrum Impact CEO, Rehana Nathoo  

Rehana headshotDiplomacy alumna Rehana Nathoo, M.A. '11, recently shared her professional experiences in leadership and international relations with students in the School's leadership cohort.

A skilled communicator, educator, and scholar in international relations, Nathoo is the founder and CEO of Spectrum Impact, an investment strategy consulting firm. She is also an adjunct faculty member at Georgetown University's Global Human Development Program and a former adjunct professor at New York University's Wagner School of Public Service.

The Diplomacy Cohort, part of the H&M Roman Diplomacy and International Relations Leadership Center within the Buccino Leadership Institute, was honored to host Nathoo for a discussion about the highlights and challenges she experienced in the corporate world, while paving her way to become a successful CEO of her own firm.

Nathoo spoke about working in the corporate world and the role of leadership in the pursuit of careers that focus on critical theory. During her virtual visit, she emphasized the value of being "thorough and thoughtful and concise" in both speech and in writing. Nathoo noted the importance of effective communication with mentees, colleagues, and supervisors, to reach the right audience, fulfill work responsibilities and gain knowledge from our experiences. Building strong working relationships with managers and leadership teams she said is critical. Nathoo's emphasis on the value of strong mentorship correlates directly with the mission of Seton Hall's Buccino Leadership Institute. The Institute recognizes the value of learning from individuals who are passionate and experienced in shared interests, which is something that Nathoo encourages all current students to "latch onto".

In her work with Spectrum Impact, Nathoo focuses on empowering others with the tools, resources, and ultimately, the expertise to bring more capital to the financial investing sector. Nathoo's executive professional experiences at the Case Foundation, Bank of New York Mellon, and The Rockefeller Foundation, also provided her with the knowledge and network to create programs and platforms to help a range of organizations expand the positive impact of their investing footprint.

In addition to talking about her professional journey, Nathoo shared her knowledge about the variety of career paths available to international relations scholars after graduation. She also highlighted the value of working with passionate and open-minded individuals. Nathoo encouraged students to identify the of worker they are and the guidance they need to perform their best. She urged students to bring their uniqueness to environments where people think differently. Nathoo advised students to explore all their interests while studying at the School of Diplomacy and to better understand their ideal working environment through internships. By maximizing their professional experience, she said students and recent graduates will develops into the person they want to become.

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