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Center for Academic Success Program


About Center for Academic Success (CAS)
Seton Hall's award-winning Center for Academic Success is a multifaceted program designed to offer comprehensive academic advisement and guidance to help freshmen meet their personal, academic and professional goals. Learn more about CAS »

The Transfer Student Center
An award winning program since 1987, CAS has helped thousands of students transition from high school to a successful college career. Learn more about the Seton Hall Transfer Student Program »

Tutoring Resources

Mentoring and Advising

Student Success Advisors
Your Student Success Advisors is a professional advisor who serves as a professor in the University Life course, as a resource for many questions about the curriculum, and as a counselor to help freshmen plan their course of study. Learn more about the Seton Hall Student Success Advisors »

Peer Advisors
Incoming Seton Hall freshmen are assigned peer advisors, Seton Hall upperclassmen, to make the transition to college life as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Learn more about the Seton Hall Peer Advisors »

Incoming Freshmen 
If you are an incoming Fall 2021 freshman and need to register for classes, please request an appointment by clicking here.

Summer Reading

All incoming freshmen are asked to read a selected book over the summer, before beginning their first year. The University SHU Reads! Planning Committee is proud to announce the 2021 text selection - Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson, the executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) and professor at New York University Law School. Learn more about the Seton Hall summer reading books »

Celebrating Our Students 

Recognizing students who are ambassadors of the Seton Hall mission, engaged in campus activities and contribute to the quality of student life. (Read More...)