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About the Center for Academic Success

Every new student wants to succeed. Success is measured in many ways, but at Seton Hall University we envision a type of success where individuals are at their best socially and academically. The University aims to instill in its students a vision that involves forming students to be servant leaders in a global society.

The Center for Academic Success Program is an award-winning academic advising program. Vice President Monica Burnette, Assistant Vice President Vaughn Calhoun and Academic Advisors work to ensure that incoming first-year students experience immense personal and intellectual growth.

  • CAS is designed to assist first-year college students in clarifying their academic and career goals.
  • CAS helps students master two other important tasks for college success: adjusting to life on a college campus and developing a social network.
  • CAS uses three program elements to assist with these tasks. These elements are the Academic Advisor, the Peer Advisor, and the University Life course.