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HRL Summer Closing Information  

HousingAs you prepare to depart from your Home at the Hall, the Department of Housing & Residence Life (HRL) wishes to share information with residential students about checking out of the residence halls at the end of the Spring 2023 semester. You will schedule an individual checkout time with your Resident Assistant for 24 hours after your final exam or by Wednesday, May 17 – whichever comes first.

That checkout time will be scheduled at your Mandatory Closing Meeting. You will learn the date and time of that meeting directly via email from your Resident Assistant and it will additionally be posted on the bulletin board on your floor. This meeting is important not only to schedule your checkout time but also to receive all information related to checking out of your housing assignment.

Checkout instructions, which will also be posted on the outside of your suite door, follow:

  • Defrost, empty, and clean refrigerator (24-48 hours prior to leaving).
  • Clean surfaces (wipe down bathroom, furniture, etc.) and sweep/vacuum floor.
  • Return furniture to original configuration.
  • Empty drawers, wardrobes, cabinets, etc. and leave them open for checkout.
  • Remove tape, sticky tack, Command hooks/strips, and any other items from surfaces.
  • Take out trash.
  • Close windows and close blinds.
  • Set HVAC unit to 78 degrees (if possible).
  • Meet with Resident Assistant for checkout.
  • Complete envelope (you will receive it from your Resident Assistant during checkout) and seal room key inside, then drop it off in the location by your Resident Assistant.
  • Return mailbox keys to the Mailroom in Mooney Hall B-13.

Guests will not be permitted in the residence halls after Monday, May 8 at 11:59 p.m., except for family members assisting you move items out of your room.

After you check out of your housing assignment a professional staff member from HRL and a professional staff member from the Department of Facilities will assess your room for damage. As per communication when you moved into your housing assignment, any damage beyond "normal wear and tear" will be assessed in comparison to your Room Condition Report. Any damage will incur a charge to your Seton Hall billing account. You should have received an email with the "Damage Price List," which is the rubric used to assess damage charges.

You will receive an email to your Seton Hall email account by Thursday, June 8 with notification of any damage charges. More information can be found in the Damage Billing Policy.

Finally, you must register your vehicle for the date and time that you plan to check out of your housing assignment. Please use the Resident Student Moving Day Pass to indicate that information to the Parking Services Office. Contact [email protected] with any questions related to parking.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

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