Seton Hall University
Social Work faculty member and student communicating

General Eligibility

Eligible faculty must be in at least their third academic year of service at Seton Hall. For the full-time faculty program, all Seton Hall faculty who have taught at least 100 students and (ordinarily) at least 3 different preparations in the previous academic year at Seton Hall are eligible. Exceptions to the 3 different preparation criterion may be granted with justification. For the adjunct faculty of the year program, all adjunct faculty who have taught at least 100 students are eligible, with no requirement of different preparations.  

Past college winners are eligible for selection, including past winners of the overall University Honor as Researcher of the Year or Teacher of the Year. However, faculty who have won the University-wide Honor in the past five years are not eligible for the University-wide honor this year.

Deans should indicate when they intend to notify their winners that they have been awarded the College Teacher or Researcher of the Year.

The emphasis on both programs for full-time faculty is on finding colleagues who exemplify the well-rounded colleague, accomplished in scholarship, teaching, and service. The applications for these programs will share common elements, with distinctions for their dimensions of focus.

Applications for all of these programs include:

The application should be submitted to Associate Provost Peter Shoemaker from the Dean, having passed through the prior levels as described for each program.  Provide the following: 

  • Entire teaching load with credits for the previous academic year;
  • Some documentation useful to the Dean to demonstrate the candidate’s strength in teaching, which could be exemplary student course evaluations, a recent student nomination letter, information about a teaching innovation, or a peer evaluation based on classroom observation. The documentation should include the teaching evaluations for at least one class;
  • Highlights of significant scholarship for the previous academic year;
  • Highlights of significant service for the previous academic year.  It should be clearly noted if the faculty member is compensated for this service by pay, release or both.  Deans may include a recommendation from a colleague on a committee or working group describing the candidate’s service;
  • New this year, please provide the hometown of all your nominees for publicity purposes.

Scholarship material and service information is not needed for adjunct candidates.