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Faculty Researcher of the Year Program

December 15: Deans shall determine college Researchers of the Year and report this designation to the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Assessment. For eligibility for consideration for the overall award, the Deans' Office should provide the following nominating material in addition to the material listed in "General Eligibility".

  • Ordinarily, the timeframe for consideration of scholarly artifacts should be the same as the timeframe for reporting of these artifacts in the college’s annual report.  If the college uses a different approach to defining the scope of accomplishments to include, this should be explained in the nominating materials, but it should be limited to a year.  While the benefits of a research pipeline are understood, nominations should be limited to faculty whose publications and other research accomplishments are in hand rather than anticipated, accepted, in press, etc.. These pending materials can be considered during the award process of a future year;
  • Prominent publications and other scholarly accomplishments.  The nominator should supply, to the extent possible, external and readily verifiable information on the impact of the works, such as citation figures, circulation figures, external accolades, ticket sales or sales of art, and the institutions of peer publishing, exhibiting, performing, or presenting in the same venues.  Scholarly artifacts on which the nominee was first author or prime contributor should be emphasized, and inclusion should be limited to work done while the nominee was an eligible faculty member under this program;
  • Justification for nomination;
  • As per past practice, each college may award one Researcher of the Year, with three from Arts and Sciences.  Each college should designate a single awardee, which may be kept confidential upon request, to be considered for the University-wide honor.

February 15: A judging panel will select the overall Faculty Researcher of the Year from among these awardees.