Seton Hall University

Applications and Forms

In order to park your car on the Seton Hall Main Campus, you must have a parking permit. 

  • All employees are eligible to park on campus and must purchase a parking permit to do so. 
  • Students must meet eligibility requirements to park on campus.  To determine if you are eligible to park on campus, read the parking rules and regulations.

Parking Applications

  • Payment for all student permits will be accepted through Bursar Transfer only.
  • Payment for all faculty, adjunct faculty and employee permits will be accepted through Payroll Deduction only.

Medical Exceptions

Students with a medical exception, who would not otherwise be eligible to park on campus, requiring on-campus parking must complete a Student Medical Exception Form to apply for a parking permit. The completed form and accompanying medical documentation is submitted to Disability Support Services (DSS) for evaluation and approval. DSS is located in Duffy Hall Rm. 67.

Handicapped Parking

Individuals that require accessible parking on campus must complete the Accessible Parking Request form. A copy of a state-issued Disabled Person ID and disabled parking permit hang tag must be presented to DSS prior to the purchase of a parking permit from Parking Services. Temporary requests for accessible parking must be accompanied by current documentation from a physician, with the nature and duration of the temporary limitation clearly indicated.

Temporary Permits

Temporary permits may be obtained for special reasons for limited time periods totaling no more than five (5) days per semester to the individual and/or vehicle. Any parking needs beyond these limitations will require the purchase of a permit if eligible (exceptions must be submitted in writing to Parking Services for prior approval). The permit cannot be issued at either of the two entry gates.

For persons with a valid permit, temporary permits will be issued for the following reasons: (1) disabled vehicle (with valid proof); (2) medical appointments (with prior approval from the Office of Disability Support Services); (3) family emergency and/or (4) overnight parking. Reasons not meeting the above criteria will be dealt with on an individual basis. For those persons who do not poses a valid permit, up to five temporary permits, totaling no more than five (5) days per semester, will be issued at a cost of $15 per day. Bringing a vehicle to campus without prior approval does not guarantee automatic issuance of a permit.