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Seton Hall University

Parent Checklist

Congratulations on your student's acceptance and their decision to come to Seton Hall. Below is a checklist for the summer leading up to their freshman year to help you know what to expect in the coming months! We look forward to seeing you soon! Go Pirates! Download the printable version of the checklist »

After Acceptance

  • Your student's enrollment deposit, as well as their confirmation of enrollment form should be submitted by May 1.
  • Students who want to live on-campus must submit their housing deposit as soon as possible.
  • Pirate Preview, held each spring, is a great opportunity to get to know the campus, professors, and learn what students will experience as Seton Hall Pirates!
    Pirate Preview Registration
  • Make sure your student has submitted the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) by March 1. Seton Hall's code is (002632).
    Applying for Aid/FASFA Information

Before New Student Orientation

  • Check that your student has confirmed their New Student Orientation date and make sure to keep in mind any graduation dates or potential conflicts.
  • Check that your student has a student ID # as well as a Seton Hall username and password.
    • Login information will be sent to students in March who have paid their deposit.
    • Your student will need this during New Student Orientation to register, as well as to get a Seton Hall ID card.
  • Make sure your student takes the placement tests by June 1.
  • Check that your student has submitted their AP or IB Scores, as well as any transcripts from college level courses to Seton Hall.
  • Check that your student has submitted health information to the student health portal, which they can find by logging in to PirateNet, Seton Hall's online portal.
    • Students who already have health insurance and do not want the Seton Hall plan, must complete the insurance waiver form on PirateNet.
    • The waiver will be available in early July.
  • Students must accept their Financial Aid awards (they should start receiving them around April).
    • To do this students need to log into PirateNet. Next, they need to go to the Money Matters to view their Financial Aid Award. They must select the award year (2022-23) then click on the Award Overview tab.
    • Students can accept their award by clicking on the Accept award Offer tab and accept or decline each award.

Before the Semester Begins

  • After New Student Orientation, check that your student knows who their Mentor and Peer Advisor are and how to contact them.
  • Check your student's schedule. If students have questions, encourage them to reach out their Mentor (this is their Advisor and University Life professor whom they met during New Student Orientation).
  • Check that your student has purchased or rented their textbooks. They can find a list of textbooks by logging into PirateNet, clicking on the academics tab and then clicking "Review Detail Schedule and View/Buy Books".
  • During college, students are required to have a lot of personal responsibility and autonomy, discuss this with your student and even encourage it at home. If students are not used to getting themselves up and ready for school this may be a good time for them to start practicing. (This can apply to laundry, healthy eating habits, and even sleeping habits).
  • If your student is living on campus or has a commuter dining plan make sure they understand how it works. Also, know that outside of the meal plan students have the option to use something called Pirates Gold, which works like a debit system. Pirates Gold »
  • The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) legally requires students to give consent for their parents to access their child's educational information and records. We encourage you to discuss this with your student. FERPA Policies »
  • If your student will be a resident, consult the Seton Hall packing list (link is included below) and make sure to avoid prohibited items. Seton Hall Packing List »
  • Get ready for move-in. It is helpful to have more than one person for move-in, so one person can stay with the car. However, please know that Seton Hall students, employees, and athletes will be there to help your student move in.
  • More information about Move-in day and room assignments will be emailed to students by Housing and Residence Life in-mid July.
  • Move-in days are Tuesday, August 23 and Wednesday, August 24, 2022 for those living in university housing.
  • After move-in, your student has many people and resources around them who are happy to help if they have any questions. Please ask your student to reach out to their RA, their Mentor, or PA.
  • Encourage your student to become familiar with helpful resources on campus, such as the Academic Resource Center (ARC), our tutoring center on campus, and even the SHUFLY shuttle service, which provides transportation around the local area.
  • Join the Seton Hall Parents Program to keep informed of campus news, important dates, and resources to ensure your student's success. On a regular basis, you will receive the parent e-newsletter, invitations to parent-only events, and access to our Facebook group and Twitter feed.
  • Finally, know what a huge part you have had in your student's success thus far and acceptance to Seton Hall! Thank you for all that you do!
Should you have further questions, here is a list of offices and services that will be able to assist you:

Office of Financial Aid
Bayley Hall
[email protected]
(800) 222-7183

Office of the Bursar (billing)
Bayley Hall
(800) 222-7183

Center for Academic Success
Mooney Hall
(973) 761-9740

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Mooney Hall
(973) 761-9500

Department of Public Safety
Public Safety Building
(973) 761-9300

The Career Center
Bayley Hall Rm. 209
[email protected]
(973) 761-9355

Office of Admissions
Bethany Hall
[email protected]

Housing and Residence Life
Duffy Hall, Rm. 68
[email protected]
(973) 761-9172

Academic Resource Center
Arts & Sciences, Rm. 202
[email protected]
(973) 761-9108

Health Services
303 Centre Street (across from the main gate)
973 761-9175

Office of Disability Support Services
Duffy Hall, Rm. 67
[email protected]

Office of International Programs
Presidents Hall Rm. 322
[email protected]
(973) 761-9072