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Honoring 31 Distinguished University Faculty  

Faculty AwardsWhile the current pandemic has called upon all the teaching talents and skills of the faculty at Seton Hall and other colleges, the University also took time recently to honor accomplishments in teaching and research for 2020. The traditional celebration and luncheon might be postponed, but we did not need to postpone our praise and recognition for the hard work and excellence of these accomplished faculty.

Faculty Researchers of the Year
In the area of research, 12 colleagues were recognized as 2020 Faculty Researchers of the Year, acknowledging their accomplishments in the pursuit of new knowledge. This year's college Researchers of the Year were Travis Timmerman of the College of Arts and Sciences.

We continued the tradition of asking an expert panel, composed of past college winners, to select an overall University Researcher of the Year, and their selection was our colleague Michael LaFountaine. Congratulations to Mike and to all of the Researchers of the Year, as well as their departments and colleges.

Adjunct Faculty Teachers of the Year
Also recognized were the adjunct faculty, whose fine work is part of almost every academic program at the University. Specifically nominated among many excellent adjunct faculty were Jeffrey Bacsik, Adam Broder, Ralph Evangelista, Bruce Freeman, Michael Gordon and John Hopkins of the Stillman School of Business, Amy Higer of the School of Diplomacy and International Relations, and Henry Karwowski of the School of Law. All of these nominees were well worthy of recognition and gratitude; among them, our panel chose Adam Broder as the Adjunct Faculty Teacher of the Year.

Online Teachers of the Year
This year the Provost's Office collaborated with the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center to honor a faculty member as Online Faculty Teacher of the Year. Among a set of strong nominees, finalists included Fredline M'Cormack-Hale as the Online Teacher of the Year.

Full-time Teachers of the Year
Eight colleagues were recognized by their Schools and Colleges as Full-time Teachers of the Year: Lauren Schiller of the College of Communication and the Arts.

We had two winners as overall University Teacher of the Year, as there was a tie vote by our panel. Their selections were Jennifer Itzkowitz of the Stillman School of Business and Jessica Miles of the School of Law. Our congratulations to Jennifer and Jessica and their departments and colleges, and all of the college winners, adjunct faculty nominees and online awardees!

Many people have contributed to this program over the years; among all of them, we'd like to acknowledge this year's voters, who included the Online Learning Committee of the Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtable, Paul Christiansen,  Jessica Cottrell, Vikram Dayalu, Sara Fieldston, Fr Pablo Gadenz, Yanzhong Huang, Solangel Maldonado, David Mest, Phil Moremen, Amy Newcombe, Tom Rondinella, and Kangzhen Xie.

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