Lauren Schiller, M.F.A.

Professor of Fine Arts
College of Human Development Culture and Media

The imagery in my prints and paintings is drawn from food-related memories, associations and rituals. As in dreams, disparate locations, objects and figures are combined in images that are not illustrations, but rather are inspired by personal and cultural idiosyncrasies as they relate to food customs and practices. Themes include food and morality (gluttony vs. abstinence, denial and restriction) and food and identity (personal, cultural, familial). Recent paintings have also focused on the religious significance of food, inspired by stories of medieval women mystics and their relationship to fasting.

The classes that I teach consist of required courses for art and design majors that also include students from other disciplines who are taking painting or drawing for elective credit. Over the years, this has caused me to reflect on the importance of the arts as a component of a liberal arts education. While emphasizing basic skills, I also work to introduce the process of taking a creative approach to applying these skills. Each semester, I plan a trip to visit the galleries in Chelsea or the Frieze Art Fair. It is my hope that all students leave my classes with a deeper understanding of art making and the role of creativity in their lives.