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Associated Programs

The History department and its faculty are involved in a number of associated programs.

Italian Studies

Through the hard work of its faculty and staff and the generosity of alumni and friends, Seton Hall University has been able to establish a new interdisciplinary program in Italian Studies. The program is directed by the Joseph M. and Geraldine C. La Motta Chair in Italian Studies in the  Department of History, and it builds on the programs of the Departments of History, Modern Languages and Art, Music and Design. The Italian Studies Program also receives important institutional support from the Valente Italian Library and the University Archives.

All Seton Hall students are offered an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to the language, history and culture of the Italian people. Italy was defined as a nation in cultural terms long before it achieved a political definition as a state. An understanding of Italy and the Italian people therefore requires an especially thorough appreciation of Italian literary and cultural achievements during an exciting history that has spanned more than 1,500 years and several continents. The Italian Studies Program offers an excellent opportunity to study the effects of dramatic change on a people whose experiences were crucial in shaping European culture, while also creating new communities and local cultures for themselves in America and around the world.

For further information, contact Dr. William J. Connell, 323 Walsh Library,, tel. (973) 275-2928.

Pre-Law Program

The History Department’s diverse offerings stand alone as a solid preparation for a career in law, but for those students seeking a specific program, the History Department also offers some special services for its majors interested in going on to law school. There are three recommended courses in American legal history that provide an introduction to the legal system in colonial America and the United States. In these courses, undergraduates get a detailed substantive overview of law, practice in forming legal arguments on controversial issues in American history, and a chance to prepare the writing sample some law schools require in their applications. There is also a faculty member who can advise students on their law school applications. The history department’s pre-law adviser for history majors is a law school graduate as well as a holder of a Ph.D. in history. Working with both the History Department’s Pre-Law Adviser and the Undergraduate Pre-Law Adviser, a prospective law school applicant will be able to prepare an impressive undergraduate record. For more information, please, contact Dr. Williamjames Hoffer ( and visit the Office of Pre-Law Advising website.

Russian and East European Studies

The collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe and the breakup of the Soviet Union afford access to greater opportunities to trained Americans in commercial, governmental and professional areas. However, the same developments make it more difficult to interpret the actions of Russia and other states in the region.  The College of Arts and Sciences offers an undergraduate program on Russia and Eastern Europe, a broad multi-disciplinary course of study leading to a bachelor's degree and a certificate of proficiency in Russian and East European studies.

A broad liberal arts background provides a well-planned, comprehensive introduction to Russia and Eastern Europe, including to the fundamentals of the Russian language and the history, literature, politics and economics of the region.  The program includes a minimum of 30 credits in language and area studies courses.  For further information, contact Dr. Maxim Matusevich at

Study Abroad Experience

For a number of years now History Department has been a leader on campus in organizing faculty-sponsored study abroad trips. Working in close collaboration with the Study Abroad Office, Catholic Studies Program, Slavic Club, Italian Studies Program and others, members of the department have led highly successful international travel programs in England, Russia, Italy, Poland, and Ireland. Proposals are for a number of new study abroad initiatives, which will include new programs in Ghana, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, and Brazil, are currently being prepared.

Women and Gender Studies

The Women and Gender Studies program has been established in the spirit of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. It offers minor in Women and  Studies based on a series of interdisciplinary courses in such fields as English, Sociology, Political Science, and History (among others).  For further information, contact Dr. Vanessa May at

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