College of Arts and Sciences
History books that are read in courses for the department.


Whatever your interests – whether it be American or European, global or local, ancient or modern – the History Department has a course for you! Every semester, we offer an array of introductory and upper-division courses that reflect the chronological, geographical, and thematic range of faculty expertise. These wide-ranging course offerings give you the ability to broaden your perspective on the past and explore topics that speak to your own individual interests.

Here is a sample of some of the many courses the department offers on a regular basis. None of these courses carry a prerequisite; they are open to all Seton Hall students, regardless of major.

  • Colonial America
  • Democracy, Slavery, and Manifest Destiny
  • Women in Antiquity
  • History of the Family
  • The Vikings
  • Labor in Modern America
  • History of Modern Japan
  • Early Modern Ireland
  • Women and Gender in Latin America
  • History of Iran
  • Recent America (Since 1945)
  • History of the Cold War
  • Civil War and Reconstruction
  • History of Traditional China
  • African Civilization
  • Family, Poverty, and Social Justice in the 20th Century U.S.
  • Women in America
  • History of New Jersey
  • History of New York City
  • American Legal History
  • Italian American History
  • Dante and His World
  • World War II
  • History of Britain and Empire
  • Catholic Church in the U.S.
  • The Crusades
  • Economic History of the U.S. 
  • The High Middle Ages

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