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Seton Hall University
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Graduate Assistantships

Each academic year, Seton Hall offers a limited number of graduate assistantships.

Assistantships draw on a variety of different skills and require a presence on campus 20 hours each week. You can view information on open positions and submit your application online using the online employment website:  Open Graduate Assistantship position can be located under the "Categories" section in the left-hand navigation.


  • You must be admitted to a program before you can apply for a graduate assistantship.
  • To apply, you must complete the application and upload your resume, and personal statement.
  • Prospective employers seeking graduate assistants, review applications, conduct interviews and hire assistants. You will be contacted if they wish to interview you for an open position.
  • If you are granted an assistantship, you will work for a department or office, such as the department of Biological Sciences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the graduate assistantship program?

A graduate assistantship is an on-campus, part-time job for which the compensation includes both tuition remission and a small stipend. Assistantships are generally comprised of positions whose primary responsibilities may be related to teaching, research, or administrative work, and they may be available in a variety of academic departments and offices throughout the University.

Who is eligible to work as a graduate assistant?

Students who have been accepted into a degree program are eligible for assistantships. Assistantships are not available to non-matriculated students or students in certificate programs.

How do I apply for an Assistantship?

Apply for an assistantship online at Your complete application consists of the application form, your resume, and a personal statement.

How do I get an Assistantship? How does it work?

Applications are reviewed by program directors, managers and or supervisors. You will be contacted if they wish to interview you for an open position.

Is there a deadline for applications?

There is no official deadline for applications, but most departments conduct hiring interviews in the spring semester for the following fall. There are very few mid-year appointments, so most applications are reviewed in the spring semester.

Can I apply for an assistantship at the same time as I apply to a graduate degree program?

No, you must be admitted to a degree (not certificate) program before you can be employed as a graduate assistant.

Where can I learn more about graduate assistantships?

For more information, please consult the Graduate Assistant Handbook.