Seton Hall University


Academic Policy

In order to join, remain an active member, or hold a leadership position in a Fraternity or Sorority, students must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA (the organization’s national requirement, whichever is higher) at all times. Should an active member’s GPA fall below the requirement he/she will be considered inactive due to grades. Inactive members may not hold any leadership positions or participate in any University or Council sponsored Greek Life event. Additionally, the student is expected to comply with any local and/or national academic development plan in place within their organization.  Leadership of each organization will be notified which members of their chapter are inactive due to grades and are expected to enforce this policy.

Chapter Viability Policy

Seton Hall University values a strong fraternity and sorority community as a constructive element of student life. In order to foster a thriving and vibrant community, organizations must continuously recruit and maintain membership.

Recognition by Seton Hall University is a privilege. Recognized chapters must be able to show substantial evidence of the organization’s ability to contribute to the fraternity & sorority community. Chapters are expected to meet expectations with respect to academic success, community service, campus involvement, and support of community-wide and council programs. Organizations with too few members are typically unable to meet the standards that both the university and the inter/national organizations set for their respective chapter.

Seton Hall University has established a minimum membership number as a way to insure healthy group and community dynamics. To assure that recognized fraternities and sororities possess the ability to meet performance expectations and for the continued health of the Greek community, this membership standard and process has been established.


  1. All recognized fraternities and sororities are required to list at least four (4) active undergraduate members (initiates and new members) on the roster at all times.* 


  1. Rosters will be reviewed in August, December, January and May of each year to determine Chapter Viability Policy compliance.
  2. All pledges/new member paperwork must be submitted to Office of Leadership Development by the first day of the new member education period for each semester.
  3. Each semester, Chapter Viability Policy reminder emails will be sent to any chapter that lists seven (7) or fewer students on its membership roster.
  4. A chapter that falls below four (4) active, undergraduate members (initiates/new members) will lose university recognition for a minimum of two (2) academic years.

*Chapters will have until the end of Fall 2020 to come into full compliance with the Chapter Viability Policy

Effective - 7/19

Dormant Status

Should an organization have zero active members they will become a Dormant chapter. The chapter will remain Dormant until the organization meets the following requirements:

  • A meeting with the Assistant Dean for Leadership Development and Assistant Director for Leadership Development,  alumni advisors and inter/national representatives to develop a plan for recruitment/intake and review the structure of the organization;
  • Reactivation of chapter must be initiated and facilitated by inter/national organization staff and or the graduate chapter of an organization, this includes recruitment/intake procedures;
  • Submission of a reactivation form detailing recruitment/intake plans for sustainability for one, three, and five years;
  • The organization’s governing council (MGC, IFC, or CPC) must vote to approve reactivation of the organization;
  • Student Life Administration must approve reactivation;
  • Upon approval, the Chapter will be put on Membership Probation for one year or until the membership requirement is met.


Any organization seeking to establish membership at Seton Hall University must apply through the expansion process as outlined in the Expansion Policy for Fraternities & Sororities posted on our website and available upon request.  Expansion involves inviting inter/national fraternities and sororities to establish chapters on campus and is encouraged when a need exists. In consultation with the current Greek Life leadership, the Dean of Students will determine the extent of expansion, if any, during a given year.

Students interested in expansion or bringing a new group to campus should contact the Assistant Director of Leadership Development for more details.

Value of Individual Dignity for Student Organization Programs

Every individual has worth and dignity

Human life is sacred, and every person is made in the image of God. Whatever insults the human dignity of any member of our community is harmful to our mission and community. When planning programs, student organizations should ask "How does this program affirm and uplift the worth and dignity of the individual?" Programs that promote the objectification of human beings (i.e. pageants, sweetheart competition, etc.) will not be approved.

Because our campus values equality and diversity, no individual or group may be auctioned for "services" or a "date." Auctioning individuals or groups places a "value" on a person or group that mimics a tragic time in history when slaves were auctioned. In addition, date auctions can perpetuate a dangerous attitude of entitlement by the purchaser. The sponsor of these types of auctions has no way of knowing the motivations of the person doing the bidding.

Groups may utilize an auction to raise money by auctioning items such as art, tickets to an event, dinner at a particular restaurant, or prizes and services provided by a qualified and insured vendor.

Effective – 7/19