Seton Hall University

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of joining a sorority or fraternity?
By joining a Greek organization, not only will you develop friendships that will last a lifetime, but you will create your own little community here on campus. With numerous resources and connections, the organization you join will become a part of you for life. In each chapter, members are encouraged to improve leadership and communication skills, to excel academically, and to provide service to the community. Joining Fraternity and Sorority Life is an excellent way to get fully involved not only on campus, but in the local community as well. Fraternity and Sorority members also participate in other university organizations, peer mentoring programs, sports teams, have jobs on and off campus and participate in other aspects of campus life. The brotherhood or sisterhood that you create will provide you with a lasting core group of friends, the ability to give back, and memories for years to come.

Will joining an organization affect my grades?
Joining an organization may seem to take up all of your time, but if you manage your time it will not affect your grades. To become a member, you must have and maintain a 2.5 GPA. Greek membership can help maintain your grades as chapters offer study partners, academic support, and time management workshops. Not to mention, you will have a plethora of students to go to for help with any academic problem you may face. It does take a bit more scheduling on your part, but as long as you use your time wisely, your grades will never suffer.

How much time will I be dedicating to my organization?
Though the time varies from chapter to chapter, the most time dedicated will be during your chapter's New Member Education Program. For this reason, here at SHU we endorse and support deferred recruitment, which means students are not eligible to join a fraternity or sorority until their second semester freshman year. The time spent in the New Member process should provide an opportunity to develop leadership and time management skills, learn about the history of the organization, and develop friendships among the new member class, as well as with the rest of the chapter. Generally the program includes a weekly meeting, a project session, reviewing material, and scheduled study hours for coursework. Each chapter will have weekly meetings and other mandatory events involving their philanthropy, service, initiation, etc. throughout the year that are planned in advance for the most part. As with any organization, the time commitment will increase as you assume various leadership responsibilities.

Is it expensive to join a fraternity or sorority?
There is a financial commitment involved with the various organizations. The most expensive year of membership is the first year during which you pay a one-time initiation fee to the national organization and purchase the membership badge. Other fees are simply chapter dues after that. You must budget accordingly but different fundraisers and sales occur to help keep the cost of dues down. Additionally, you are encouraged to speak with chapter leadership to determine a payment plan, if available.

Am I going to get hazed?
Seton Hall University has a strict no-hazing policy that can be read here. Hazing, or any activity that subjects members to harassment, ridicule, intimidation, physical or mental abuse, or sleep deprivation is entirely contrary to the values and purposes of Fraternity and Sorority Life. If you ever feel that hazing is occurring, please do not hesitate to contact Samantha DeMarse at [email protected].