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In the Media


Seton Hall faculty are regularly featured in national and international media outlets for their academic expertise and ground-breaking research. Below is a sampling of recent media coverage.

Dr. Yanzhong Huang: the need for a US-China détente on global health

Diplomacy Professor Yanzhong Haung, Center for Global Health Studies director, discusses global health security and the need for a détente between the US and China, transcending geopolitical tensions and moving to substantive collaboration and dialogue.

>CSIS - The Common Health podcast | December 14, 2023

Celebrity Politics and Soft Power, with Brandon Valeriano

Diplomacy Professor Brandon Valeriano discusses the resurgence of soft power in terms of both domestic and foreign policy and what cybersecurity threats we need to address as Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok take over the information space.

>Carnegie Council Podcast: The Doorstep | December 13, 2023

As Biden courts Xi, he should also reassure Asia-Pacific allies

Professor Ann Marie Murphy, Center for Foreign Policy Studies director provides context around policies toward Southeast Asia, the rise of transnational security issues, the Xi-Biden summit and US-China strategic competition.

>The Hill | December 1, 2023

Love Those Suffering with the Gift of Listening

Highlighting Keaton Douglas, Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology alumna and founder/executive director of the iTHIRST initiative and iTHIRST Spiritual Companionship Certificate faith-based training to support those suffering from substance-use disorders.

>Love Those Suffering with the Gift of Listening | November 21, 2023

Pandas and partnership: Was Xi's US trip a success?

Diplomacy Professor Zheng Wang, Center for Peace and Conflict Studies director, describes Chinese President Xi’s U.S. visit and the “Biden-Xi” summit as symbolizing a potential turning point in bilateral ties after the hostility of recent years.

>Yahoo! News | November 17, 2023

Ask the Experts: How Post-War Commemorations Can Impact Peace

Diplomacy Professor and author David Wood looks at the ethics of political commemoration, discussing the complexities around mediation and national reconciliation, focusing on the recognition of injustices and trauma suffered by all parties for authentic peacebuilding that is more likely to lead to a peaceful future.

>USIP | October 23, 2023

Technology and the End of the Russia-Ukrainian War

Diplomacy Professor Brendan Valeriano, an expert in military intelligence and emergent technology, discusses the security dilemma of depending on advanced weapons systems to solve the Russia and Ukraine war.

>The National Interest | October 18, 2023

UNITAR online M.S in International Affairs and Diplomatic Practice

The School of Diplomacy and UNITAR have created a new leadership program to equip mid-level professionals with the necessary skills to positively impact today’s world with an online M.S. in International Affairs and Diplomatic Practice.

>UN Today | July 1, 2023

Lost in Translation

Law Professor Margaret "Maggie" Lewis discusses the negative implications of an increasingly tense U.S.-China relationship resulting in fewer academic exchanges.

>Foreign Policy Magazine | March 15, 2023

The Aftermath of COVID in China

Professor Yanzhong Huang, Director, Center for Global Health Studies, discusses China's COVID policy and significance for the U.S. with Emmy-award winning anchor Steve Adubato.

>NJPBS | March 4, 2023

Lessons in Leadership: Karisa DeSantis and Elizabeth Halpin

Elizabeth V. Halpin discusses the University's cutting-edge interdisciplinary leadership program that empowers future leaders in these disruptive times to respond through innovative mentoring, executive coaching, and empowerment.

>Steve Adubato’s Lessons in Leadership | February 26, 2023

At 77, UN Chessboard Still Requires Mastery

Hugh Dugan, Sharkey Scholar and Fellow, Center for UN and Global Governance Studies, discusses the national urgency for mastering diplomacy on UN Day, celebrating the organization's 60th anniversary.

>Newsmax | October 24, 2022

Top issues expected at UNGA agenda

International monetary expert Martin Edwards discusses the opening of the United Nations General Assembly and how economic aftershocks of COVID-19 plus inflation have made it harder for many countries to service their debt.

>CGTN | September 15, 2022

The Collateral Damage in China`s COVID War

Professor Yanzhong Huang, Center for Global Health Studies director, discusses the social, economic and global health costs around China's Zero-Covid policy.

>| May 17, 2022

Ukraine’s Wrong Lessons for Taiwan

Diplomacy Professor Zheng Wang, Center for Peace and Conflict Studies director, discusses national identity and effective foreign policy planning lessons for China and Taiwan compared to Russia and Ukraine.

>The National Interest | May 1, 2022

Can Europe give up Russian gas?

Diplomacy Professor Margarita Balmaceda discusses Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the politics of energy.

>BBC News World Service/The Inquiry | April 28, 2022

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