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In The Media

Seton Hall faculty are regularly featured in national and international media outlets for their academic expertise and ground-breaking research in a wide variety of subjects, including business, diplomacy and international relations, theology, education, science, arts and humanities, communication, law, healthcare, government and politics.

Below is a sampling of recent media coverage.

Courting Community by Chad Thralls

University Core Fellow and author Chad Thralls, Ph.D., contemplates the changing seasons of basketball play with his noonball contingent along with the lessons of impermanence, joy and community on the Seton Hall courts.

Today’s American Catholic | December 18, 2023

Dr. Yanzhong Huang: the need for a US-China détente on global health

Diplomacy Professor Yanzhong Haung, Center for Global Health Studies director, discusses global health security and the need for a détente between the US and China, transcending geopolitical tensions and moving to substantive collaboration and dialogue.

CSIS - The Common Health podcast | December 14, 2023

Celebrity Politics and Soft Power, with Brandon Valeriano

Diplomacy Professor Brandon Valeriano discusses the resurgence of soft power in terms of both domestic and foreign policy and what cybersecurity threats we need to address as Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok take over the information space.

Carnegie Council Podcast: The Doorstep | December 13, 2023

Remembering Avery Dulles

Monsignor Thomas Guarino, STD, Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology, reflects on the theological achievements and legacy of Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ, on the fifteenth anniversary of his death.

First Things | December 12, 2023

GOP lawmaker wants indicted officials like Sen. Menendez removed from office

Political Science Professor Matthew Hale discusses concerns around a proposal to the state constitution that would amend Article VII, proposing a new Section IV, that would provide for the suspension and temporary replacement of indicted elected officials with vacancy in office declared upon conviction and could be used to punish political foes, thereby politicizing the courts and law enforcement.

New Jersey Monitor | December 7, 2023

Lessons in Leadership: Ruchin Kansal and Satyen Raja

Professor Ruchin Kansal, MBA, discusses Artificial Intelligence (AI) in leadership and how AI can help leaders improve their effectiveness and efficiency.

Steve Adubato’s Lessons in Leadership | December 5, 2023

Virtue and Finance with Dr Justin Anderson

Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology Professor and Chair of Moral Theology Justin M. Anderson, Ph.D., discusses the intersection of the virtues of prudence and hope in relation to financial decision making.

Catholic Money Talk | December 4, 2023

As Biden courts Xi, he should also reassure Asia-Pacific allies

Professor Ann Marie Murphy, Center for Foreign Policy Studies director provides context around policies toward Southeast Asia, the rise of transnational security issues, the Xi-Biden summit and US-China strategic competition.

The Hill | December 1, 2023

Lack of Consensus About Free Speech on Campus Is a Virtue

Philosophy Professor Vicente Medina discusses the nature of freedom of speech on college campuses today, political dehumanization and the distinction between friend and enemy in the balance.

Chronicle of Higher Education | November 30, 2023

Pandas and partnership: Was Xi's US trip a success?

Diplomacy Professor Zheng Wang, Center for Peace and Conflict Studies director, describes Chinese President Xi’s U.S. visit and the “Biden-Xi” summit as symbolizing a potential turning point in bilateral ties after the hostility of recent years.

Yahoo! News | November 17, 2023

Monsignor Thomas G. Guarino, STD., Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology, explores the 25th anniversary of the encyclical Fides et Ratio and the relationship between faith and reason.

First Things | November 17, 2023

Professor Ruchin Kansal discusses the Stillman School Department of Management research team’s groundbreaking work on how emerging business leaders view leadership development, including their sentiments around remote work.

Seton Hall research: Employers, beware of broad return-to-office mandates ... but, you might be surprised what younger workers think.

ROI-NJ | November 15, 2023 

Inflation is impacting U.S. pet owners

Finance Professor Andrew Schwartz discusses how pet owners are balancing caring for their pets and their personal finances during the economic downturn.

CGTN | October 25, 2023

Ask the Experts: How Post-War Commemorations Can Impact Peace

Diplomacy Professor and author David Wood looks at the ethics of political commemoration, discussing the complexities around mediation and national reconciliation, focusing on the recognition of injustices and trauma suffered by all parties for authentic peacebuilding that is more likely to lead to a peaceful future.

USIP | October 23, 2023

Moral Absolutism in the Wake of Terrorism

Philosophy Professor Vicente Medina discusses the existential conflict confronting Israelis and Palestinians and the ongoing tragedy from a spirit of understanding and reconciliation.

Verfassungsblog On Matters Constitutional | October 20, 2023

Technology and the End of the Russia-Ukrainian War

Diplomacy Professor Brendan Valeriano, an expert in military intelligence and emergent technology, discusses the security dilemma of depending on advanced weapons systems to solve the Russia and Ukraine war.

The National Interest | October 18, 2023

Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Finance expert Andrew Schwartz, Ph.D., provides advice on improving your credit score.

WalletHub | Oct. 11, 2023


Columbus Day Shouldn’t be Canceled

William Connell, Ph.D., Professor of History and La Motta Endowed Chair in Italian Studies, discusses the life and legacy of Christopher Columbus.

Slate | Oct. 10, 2023


Best Credit Cards for Recent College Graduates (2023)

Finance expert Elven Riley provides guidance to recent college graduates on credit cards and financing purchases.

WalletHub | Oct. 05, 2023


The History and Impact of Italian-Americans in New Jersey

William Connell, Ph.D., La Motta Endowed Chair in Italian Studies, discusses The Routledge History of Italian Americans and a growing interest in Italian American history.

PBS/Think Tank with Steve Adubato | Sept. 02, 2023


It’s been 5 months and her Honda still isn’t fixed. Why are there still supply chain issues?

Renu Ramnarayan, Ph.D., co-director of the Business Analytics program, discusses the global automotive supply chain and challenges facing overseas chip production. | August 25, 2023


Why fewer university students are studying Mandarin

Professor Dongdong Chen, Professor of Asian Studies in the College of Arts & Sciences, was quoted in The Economist regarding the study of Mandarin at universities.

The Economist | August 24, 2023


Seton Hall revamps introductory course for freshmen

Vaughn Calhoun, Ed.D., MPA, Assistant Vice President and Dean of the Center for Academic Success, discusses how the U-Life course empowers a new generation of students to succeed.

Inside Higher Ed | August 22, 2023


The farmers boosting crops with electricity

Jose Lopez, Ph.D. shared his expertise in plasma physics with BBC Future in regards to using electrical horticulture to increase agricultural yields.

BBC Future | August 16, 2023


New funding for NJ Transit? Here are Fulop's transportation plans as he eyes governor race

Politics and Public Policy Expert Matthew Hale discusses Steven Fulop’s transportation policy ideas heading into the NJ Gubernatorial Race.| August 14, 2023


Our Lady Protects Youth and Challenges Them: ‘Arise and Go with Haste'

A visit to the Church of Soccorso informed Religion Professor Ines Angeli Murzaku’s message to youth, echoed by Popes John Paul II and Francis.

NCR| August 2, 2023


UNITAR online M.S in International Affairs and Diplomatic Practice

The School of Diplomacy and UNITAR have created a new leadership program to equip mid-level professionals with the necessary skills to positively impact today’s world with an online M.S. in International Affairs and Diplomatic Practice.

UN Today | July 1, 2023

Dee-Santis or Deh-Santis? His team won`t say

Professor William Connell, La Motta Endowed Chair in Italian Studies, discusses Italian American surnames, political scrutiny and Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis.

Axios | June 1, 2023

Most Affordable Cities for Home Buyers

Finance expert Xiaoqing Eleanor Xu, Ph.D., CFA, discusses how economic market conditions can affect housing prices and the future direction of mortgage rates.

WalletHub | May 23, 2023

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