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School of Diplomacy and International Relations


Diplomacy students standing in front of flags at the PPIA Public Service Weekend. The students are each holding certificates of completion of the program.Seton Hall was selected as one of five national institutions to host a PPIA Public Service Weekend conference, including: Carnegie Mellon University, Virginia Commonwealth University, George Washington University and University of Southern California. These events reinforce PPIA's mission and overall focus to increase the participation and inclusion of traditionally underrepresented groups at the highest level of public sector leadership. NASPAA, the global standard for public service education, co-sponsored Seton Hall's conference in an effort to further inspire a new generation of diverse students to enter graduate programs and pursue careers in public service.

US DOS Building Display of FlagsThrough its continued commitment to supporting diverse graduate candidates with a dedication to public service and promotion of US interests abroad, the School of Diplomacy and International Relations is a proud official partner institution of the following Foreign Service prestigious graduate fellowships: USAID Donald Payne International Development Program, Thomas Pickering Foreign Affairs Program and Charles Rangel International Affairs Program.

Payne Scholars Program 2020A group of students from Donald M. Payne Sr. School of Technology in Newark are carrying out the legacy of the late U.S. Congressman through a partnership with the Payne Foundation and Seton Hall. Each year between 35 and 40 juniors and seniors, known as Payne Scholars, take college-level civics classes as part of the University's Project Acceleration program. After studying U.S. government, politics and law, the students move on to comparative politics and conclude with a course in international relations that parallels what students at the School of Diplomacy are also studying. 

  • The School launched a unique partnership with the Newark Board of Education to support and assist with programming and curriculum development for the newly opened Newark School of Global Studies.
  • The School has partnered with The Walt Disney Company to participate in a new fellowship program: Public Policy New Voices. The goal of this fellowship is to increase inclusion and inspire diverse talent to lead in the field of public policy. Public Policy New Voices (PPNV) aims to ensure that public policy graduate students from BIPOC communities are aware of and have access to public policy careers across sectors. The program offers tools, resources and a community to enhance students’ ability to secure internships and jobs in public policy. The School is one of five universities participating in this inaugural year including Georgetown, Princeton, UCLA, and University of Texas at Austin.

The School of Diplomacy signed on to the following Diversity and Inclusion Movements: 

The School is a member of the following Organizations created to increase opportunities for BIPOC in International Affairs: