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University Core Offers Online Tutoring Again  

Ksenija PuskaricInside the Core starting Monday, Oct. 26, 2020, we begin to offer again online tutoring for Core I and II students. Originally, we had planned to offer this tutoring in the Core Center in Mooney 339. However, COVID has made that impossible, of course. However, one of our Core Fellows, Dr. Ksenija Puskaric will begin offering tutoring hours starting early next week. Dr. Puskaric has been teaching in the Core (both Core I and Core II) for five years. Highly trained in philosophy (having obtained her Ph.D. in philosophy at Central European University in Budapest in 2010), Dr. Puskaric brings her expertise in philosophy and related subjects to her teaching in the Core. Her research interests include phenomenology, philosophy and art, Nicholas Cusanus, Gregory of Nyssa, and Richard Kearney, and her areas of specialization are epistemology, philosophy of religion, philosophy of mind, and early modern philosophy, though she is also knowledgeable in ethics, medieval philosophy, and metaphysics. She has published several articles in these fields, as well as a number of popular theological articles, geared toward an educated but general audience. She is well-equipped on so many levels to help students with their Core I and Core II reading and projects. Dr. Puskaric is also a talented artist, whose works deal with nature and spiritual themes, among other subjects. Her art can be viewed here.

A new mother of Yasmina, born in June of 2020, Dr. Puskaric is also caring for big sister, Lilliana (Leeloo), aged 4. She and her husband, Core Fellow Charles Michael Shea, bring a wonderful combination of gifts to the Core. Dr. Shea (Mike) is an expert on Saint John Henry Cardinal Newman, and has a book on Newman with Oxford University Press.

Dr. Puskaric will be available for tutoring M/W 8-3 and M/W 8-4 pm. Students wishing to be tutored can reach her by e-mail and, once they connect with her, she and the student can work out whether to continue working by e-mail or, alternatively, via TEAMS. She is available to help with textual content or work on papers.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Nancy Enright
  • (551) 358-7667
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