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Seton Hall University
Ksenija Puskaric


Ksenija Puskaric , Ph.D.
Teaching Fellow
Core Curriculum

(973) 275-2530

Mooney Hall
Room 301

Ksenija Puskaric, Ph.D.

Teaching Fellow
Core Curriculum

As a former atheist and skeptic and now as a Catholic philosopher, my interest focuses primarily on our knowledge of God, as well as the role of experience, freedom, and imagination in religious belief. My doctoral work involved skepticism and belief in God, recreating one of Descartes's arguments for the existence of the divine based on the notion of infinity. My research now includes the philosophical writings of Jean-Luc Marion, Emmanuel Levinas, and phenomenology. 

My pursuit of truth is not exhausted by a particular framework of thought. As Merleau-Ponty says, “[t]rue philosophy consists of re-learning to look at the world.” In recent years I have undergone a further conversion of sorts to oil painting and aesthetic reflection. Through my art I find a way of re-learning the world, which animates my research and teaching. 

In teaching courses in the Department of the Core, I draw from all of my experiences and studies. I am uplifted by the conviction that my previous work as an atheist informs my teaching perspective and attitude as a Catholic, and forms a part of the broader mission of Seton Hall.