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Core Center Tutoring Goes Online  

Empty classroomThis week Core classes, like all classes at the University, have been cancelled. Starting Monday, we will all be going remote. Core Faculty are prepared, and the TLTC has been offering training for any faculty who need helping getting ready to go remote. All faculty will be available by e-mail and through their Blackboard courses.

Core Center – our new Core Center just opened, but we won't be using it until the university returns to regular sessions in person. However, tutoring will go on as scheduled. All of our faculty tutors are prepared to offer online tutoring during the hours for which they are scheduled.

See below for the hours with the name and contact information for the faculty member. See the hours, names and contact information below.

Core Tutoring Faculty and Hours

These faculty tutors will be available to all students needing some additional support during this challenging time. If anyone needs some other help, please know that the Director, Dr. Nancy Enright ( and Associate Director, Dr. Laura Pallitto ( – yes, it's Martha, not Laura on the e-mail), are also available. Let's keep united, as so many of our texts affirm. For those who pray, this is the time to do it.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Nancy Enright
  • (973) 275-4847
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