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Seton Hall University
Student holding up a resume.

Career Resources and Services

Please note that 1st year alumni have unlimited free access to all Career Center programs for one calendar year from the date of graduation. First-year alumni are not eligible for Seton Hall University-sponsored internships.  

Individual Career Coaching Session 

All career sessions are customized to your unique career needs and can include: career intake, career coaching, interview coaching, a review of career goals, and strategies to approach a job search.  

Resume Critiquing 

If you’re planning a job change, career transition or thinking of re-entering the workforce, we invite you to meet with an experienced career coach to get help updating, targeting and/or enhancing your resume.  

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Inventory (MBTI®) 

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) can help you become more satisfied and successful in your career. Understanding yourself and your personality  will help you make and implement better career decisions.
Fee: $50.00 (includes a 75 minute session and detailed report and interpretation by a qualified professional, and supporting materials.)

Interpretation of Strong Interest Inventory (SII®)

The Strong Interest Inventory® is a reliable and valuable career-planning tool that measures your interests in a broad range of areas, including occupational and leisure activities. It is an essential resource for those considering a career change or seeking more satisfying work within an organization.
Fee: $40.00 (includes a 75-minute session and detailed report and interpretation by a qualified professional.)