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Career Center Offers Various Networking Opportunities  

Image of students sitting at tables for the 2022 Career Center etiquette dinner Although each Seton Hall student needs a specific skill-set to enter their desired field, all students must network to have a successful career. To help in this endeavor, the Career Center provides both virtual and in-person networking opportunities.

Networking today is easier with LinkedIn as users can connect with anyone no matter their physical location. Networking on LinkedIn is easier for Seton Hall students who join the Seton Hall University Career Center Network.

This network consists of over 5,000 Seton Hall students and alumni. Once joined, students have access to internship postings, full-time position postings, and informational articles that alumni and career advisors share with the group. Students can also browse the group’s members to connect with peers and alumni in their desired fields.

Once the desired connections are made, students can take it further by messaging them to request an informational interview. An informational interview is not about asking for a job. Instead, it is about building a relationship with someone to learn about their role, organization, and industry. For help with informational interviews, check out this flyer.

In addition to hosting a virtual networking space, the Career Center also hosts on-campus events that offer in-person networking opportunities. “Roundtables in Accounting” was a recent networking event that the Career Center co-hosted with Seton Hall’s Accounting Club, where accounting students got to interact with industry professionals from various firms.

The largest networking event this year is the Spring 2023 Career Expo. Over 100 recruiters looking to hire and network with Seton Hall students and alumni will attend on March 29 from 3-5 p.m. in Bethany Hall. Learn more about the Career Center’s in-person networking events through their events and Engage pages.

For those looking to build relationships over long periods, the Career Center offers mentorship programs. In collaboration with the Career Center, the College of Communication and the Arts offers their students the CommArts Honor Alumni Mentor Partners (CHAMP) program. The program began in 2010 and has connected 200+ students and alumni.

According to Seton Hall’s website, CHAMP “pairs students together with alumni mentors at the top of their professions in some of the world’s leading companies” to help students “gain a competitive edge by learning about career opportunities directly from alumni who have graduated and moved on to achieve professional success.”

A similar opportunity is now available to students of all majors through the Career Center’s newly launched shadowing program. This program offers students the chance to shadow an employer at their office for a half or full day to gain valuable insight into potential jobs, career paths, and industries. Check out this article for more information on the shadowing program.

Although the CHAMP and shadowing programs have already begun, students should keep them in mind for next year. In the meantime, students should utilize LinkedIn, attend Career Center events, and explore the Career Center website to jumpstart their networking.

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