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Seton Hall University

Intern Partnership Guidelines

Students talking with an employer at a career fairSeton Hall University's career-based Internship Program provides an educational strategy for students to connect their academic preparation with hands-on work experiences. The University is committed to building partnerships with sponsoring organizations to offer high quality experiences for our students. As a sponsoring organization, you have access to talented undergraduate and graduate students. 

In turn, your participation in the Internship Program demonstrates your interest and commitment to Seton Hall’s educational goals and to the growth and development of the student(s) as future professionals and community leaders. 

Seton Hall University has developed “Guidelines” outlining the mutual responsibilities of both the University and your organization. Please review the Department of Labor's Fair Labor Standards Act on Internship Programs. 

Responsibilities of the University

  • With written consent from the student, confirm the student's academic eligibility to participate in an internship assignment.
  • Designate a faculty advisor and/or Career Center professional to serve as advisor to the student and assist in setting learning objectives, confer with sponsoring organization monitor the progress of the internship assignment, and evaluate the academic performance of the student.  
  • Maintain communication with the sponsoring organization to clarify Seton Hall’s policies and procedures. 
  • Maintain the confidentiality of any information obtained about the sponsoring organization.  
  • Ensure that appropriate insurance is in place for foreseeable exposures associated with program. 

Responsibilities of the Sponsoring Organization 

  • Seton Hall Student Interns with ABCThe Sponsor will maintain the confidentiality of information obtained from, or provided to, the University about the student.
  • Provide a full and accurate presentation of all information pertaining to the sponsoring organization, work responsibilities and recruiting process. 
  • Provide a learning environment that contributes to the student’s personal and professional growth.  
  • Provide a safe work environment that is free of harassment and discrimination. Provide qualified supervisor/mentor who will monitor and guide student.  
  • Make available equipment, supplies, and space necessary for the student to perform his/her duties. 
  • Allow Career Center professional or faculty advisor to visit the student and meet with sponsoring organization personnel.  
  • Notify the University of any change to student’s status and/or performance. 
  • Offer on-going feedback to the student and complete a performance evaluation (provided by The Career Center at the end of each semester).
  • Maintain communication with Seton Hall University.  
  • If an internship requires a confidentiality agreement, a copy of the agreement will be sent to the Career Center and the sponsoring organization will secure the intern’s explicit written consent to the agreement before allowing interns to begin work or granting access to company information. 

Criteria for Intern Position Descriptions 

To ensure the quality of the experience and that the desired outcomes are achieved for the student, sponsoring organization and Seton Hall University, all internship positions will be screened based on the following: 

  • The mission of the sponsoring organization and internship experience must be in alignment with Seton Hall University’s mission.
  • The internship position is one that will allow students to increase their confidence level and develop professional skills. 
  • The sponsoring organization will provide a written position description to The Career Center, including the name of the individual who will serve as the student’s direct supervisor. 
  • The sponsoring organization will provide orientation/training for students. 
  • No more than 20% of the student’s responsibilities may be clerical.  
  • The sponsoring organization will provide progressive responsibilities over time, if an intern remains with the organization for an extended period (in excess of twelve weeks). 

Terms of Arrangement 

In the event that the sponsoring organization is dissatisfied with the performance of a student, termination of the internship arrangement can be requested after a Career Center professional has been notified in advance and a satisfactory resolution cannot be obtained. Conversely, the University may request termination of the internship partnership for any student not complying with the University’s Community Standards and procedures for the program, as long as sponsoring organization personnel have been notified in advance and a satisfactory resolution cannot be obtained. 

Any questions regarding Seton Hall University's Experiential Education/Internship Program, its procedures, or these guidelines should be referred to: Reesa Greenwald, Director, The Career Center, Seton Hall University, 400 South Orange Avenue, South Orange, New Jersey, 07079-2689.

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