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Seton Hall University

Business Card Tips and Tricks

Personal business cards are used when networking and searching for internships/jobs. These cards are typically shared during formal introductions to professionals and potential employers. While not required, they are helpful during career fairs, networking events, informational interviews, internship/job interviews, and/or impromptu interactions.

Why You Need a Business Card 

Business cards are relationship builders and ways to stay in touch. A business card is a great way to help build your personal brand. Effective business cards eliminate the possibility of someone you just met forgetting you and/or not having accurate and up-to-date contact information in order to reach you again.

What to Include

  • Name and title
  • School/Company
  • Email address (professional)
  • Phone number
  • Website URL/Social Media Handles (such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Online Portfolios, and/or Personal web pages)
  • (Optional): If you have a two-sided business card, you can either add skills/qualifications or a tagline such as a quote or shortened elevator pitch on the back

Formatting a Business Card

  • A business card should be tailored to your industry of interest
  • Templates are available, but you can also build it from scratch. Test out different fonts, colors, and designs
  • Be mindful of how much information is written; too much information can make a card look sloppy and hard to read, while too little can leave it looking empty and unprofessional

Where to Start

You can build a business card using the following resources:

  • A local office/supply/print store
  • Microsoft Word
  • Online sites (i.e., Vistaprint, MOO, Jukebox, Canva, and Zazzle)
  • Seton Hall University Print Shop (the only option if you want to use the official Seton Hall University logo


Image of a student business card,generic.
Image of a student business card with social media icons and links.

For additional information on business card tips, speak with a career advisor. Appointments can be scheduled by visiting Bayley Hall room 209 or calling 973-761-9355.