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College of Arts and Sciences

Artificial Intelligence Scholar Joins Seton Hall Faculty

 Professor Sivan Albagli-Kim Ph.D.

Professor Sivan Albagli-Kim Ph.D.

The College of Arts and Sciences is proud to announce the addition of Sivan Albagli- Kim, Ph.D., to the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Seton Hall University, effective in Fall 2024 Semester. Before joining Seton Hall University, Albagli-Kim held professorial and administrative positions at Ruppin Academic Center and Reichman University in Israel. At the Ruppin Academic Center, Albagli-Kim served as the Head of the Computer Science Department and centered her teachings around theoretical artificial intelligence, knowledge graphs and graph algorithms. Upon joining the University, Albagli-Kim is excited to form connections with students and include them in her research involving decision support systems for medical domains.

Aiming to better incorporate artificial intelligence into the medical field, Albagli-Kim’s research aims to build an algorithmic framework to assist physicians in the diagnostic process and reduce the time needed to achieve an accurate diagnosis. To attain this goal, the framework receives large amounts of data and then formulates the data into knowledge graphs that then suggest questions that would most efficiently lead to an accurate diagnosis. Being that this is a form of artificial intelligence, the framework only suggests questions based on a mass of data points and the physician must then make the ultimate decision of which questions to ask the patient.

Albagli-Kim is eager to work with graduate and undergraduate students across a variety of disciplines in the development of her algorithmic framework, as her research is relevant to students in biology, engineering, computer sciences and health sciences. Such students will have the exciting opportunity to work on this cutting-edge research alongside Albagli-Kim and publish future findings.

Among those excited about Albagli-Kim’s arrival is Manfred Minimair, Ph.D., director of the B.S. in Computer Science and M.S. in Data Science programs, stating that "Albagli-Kim’s expertise in databases and applications, including healthcare, with extensive teaching experience will greatly enhance our Computer Science and Data Science programs."

Seton Hall offers a robust B.S. as well as Minors in Computer Science, Data Science, Mathematics, and Data Analytics, which can add a versatile, in-demand skillset to any other A&S major. Seton Hall also offers a dynamic M.S. in Data Science, which empowers graduates with data analytics and engineering skills, including machine learning, to manage big data and decision-making in various fields, from business to STEM. Students with an interest in Computer Science who would like to learn more about Albagli-Kim’s research or join her research group can contact Albagli-Kim

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