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Data Visualization

Data Analytics

From marketing, finance and health care, to business, psychology and sociology, many industries are searching for employees who can skillfully manage large amounts of data. This pioneering program mixes mathematics with computer science and psychology, and teaches students how to collect, analyze and communicate complex information in eye-catching ways. Students may complete this minor at Seton Hall or entirely online.

Data Visualization and Analysis

Undergraduate and graduate programs are offered by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Department of Psychology.


"Having on your resume that you are certified in data visualization and analysis will make you stand out. I can say from experience that it gives you more chances of getting jobs and more chances of moving up."

Jonathan Arena
Data Analysis, CPXI


In both the online or on-campus versions of this program, students learn to translate data into visually striking presentations. Courses include statistics, data mining, visualization and cognition, as well as an internship. Through these varied experiences, students practice preparing real-world data for storing in databases, analyzing data with statistics and machine-learning tools, and using visualization to study data and present findings.

The minor is earned by completing 15 course credits and an additional 3-credit internship, for a total of 18 credits.


PSYC 1101 Introduction to Psychology (minimum grade of C-), or equivalent
Undergraduate admission to Seton Hall University (enroll as a non-matriculated student)

Data Visualization and Cognition (6 credits)
DAVA 3000 Data Visualization

PSYC 3214 Cognitive Processes
Data Analytics (6 credits)
DAVA 3010 Data Mining
MATH 1203 (or approved substitutes such as BQUA 2811, CHEM 4212, MATH 2111, MATH 3711, PSYC 2311 for majors with these courses)
Practical Experience (3 credits)
DAVA 4011 Intern in Visual Analytics
PSYC 3408 Internship in Psychology
DAVA 4021 Project in Visual Analytics
CSAS 3095 Computer Science Co-Op I
CSAS 3096 Computer Science Co-Op II
CSAS 3097 Computer Science Co-Op III
or CSAS 4201 Honors Research Project I
Elective ( choose one of the following 3-credit courses)
AART 1223 2-D Design and Color
BITM 2701 Management Information Systems
BITM 3727 Advanced Business Software Tools (for students who have skills comparable to BITM 2701)
BMIE 3716 Access Database Application Development
COGR 3323 Presentation Graphics
CSAS 1114 Introduction to Program Design I
CSAS 1113 Computing for Science Majors
CSAS 4115 Databases
CSAS 4122 Computer Graphics Visualization
ENGL 2516 Business Writing
ENVL 3150 Geographic Information Systems
PHIL 1125 Business Ethics


Manfred Minimair posing
Manfred Minimair
Professor, M.S. in Data Science Program Director
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Bert Wachsmuth posing posing
Bert Wachsmuth
Associate Professor
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