Manfred Minimair, Ph.D.

Professor, M.S. in Data Science Program Director
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

I am a computer scientist and applied mathematician with strong interests in Data Science, Symbolic Computation, and Applied Computing. I teach data visualization, data mining, computer graphics and various topics in Applied Computing and Mathematics.

I have spearheaded the development of a pioneering certificate program in Data Visualization and Analysis at Seton Hall University and have been conducting various projects in Data Science. Supported by Independent College Fund of New Jersey, I have supervised a student research project on analyzing incident data collected by the South Orange Police Department. I have also developed a visualization of data on gang activities in New Jersey, collected by the New Jersey State Police. Another one of my papers investigates and visualizes biological data on fruit flies. To support discoveries in data science and computational mathematics, I am researching the design of software facilitating collaborative work. The software enables teams of data scientists and computational mathematicians to develop scripts in languages such as R and Python and use these scripts for gaining insights from their data.

In Symbolic Computation, am studying how to efficiently compute with large-scale systems of polynomial equations used in mathematical models of engineering and science. I am investigating how to use given structures to efficiently simplify the systems and determine whether there is a solution for the models.