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School of Diplomacy and International Relations
Center for UN and Global Governance Studies 


Class projects at the School of Diplomacy involve the use of active learning in the classroom. Below are some examples:

Student Collaboration in Center Research Projects

Students in Professor Edwards' DIPL 6002 classes in Spring 2015 contributed to center research projects on US public opinion on the UN and on the use of Twitter by international organizations. More information on these projects is on our Research page.

Reforming International Organizations

Working in teams, students in Professor Edwards' DIPL 6002 classes in Spring 2013 and 2014 analyzed a randomly assigned IO, and evaluated potential reforms to make that organization work better. Students worked in pairs to analyze a barrier to the IO's effectiveness and propose strategies to address this barrier. Over two years, eleven of the student teams had op-eds detailing their findings published. For more on this project, please view this recent post »

OECD Surveillance Project

In the Spring of 2012, Prof Edwards' DIPL 6002 class completed an evaluation of the effectiveness of economic surveillance as practiced by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The report is available at the link above, and a follow up paper was published by Prof. Edwards in Global Policy Journal.