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Seton Hall University

Chat With Advising PirateBot Today

A student types on a computer.We are excited to share our new Advising PirateBot! The Advising PirateBot is located on the advising and Degree Works webpages. In the bottom right corner, you can click on the chat widget which will generate the conversation options. You can then ask a direct question or select one of the following options: registration, add/drop classes, final exam schedule, or advising.

The Advising PirateBot will answer questions such as, how to register, how to use Degree Works, how to add or drop a class and more! Michael Soupios, director of digital media and web development, shares more about what the bot can do. "PirateBot can provide immediate, round-the-clock advising assistance, allowing students to access information at any time, even outside regular office hours. The bot can handle most frequently asked questions, reducing your wait times for simple responses and allowing for more meaningful interaction during your in-person appointments."

The Advising PirateBot will not answer specific questions regarding your curriculum and graduation requirements, as those questions will continue to be discussed during your advisement sessions with your academic advisor/student success advisor. Our new bot is a great supporting resource in addition to your advisors. 

Marianne Lloyd, Ph.D., associate dean for faculty affairs, has worked hard to ensure the bot is ready for students to use. "We’re excited to launch a bot as we continue implementing the new student success model, where we put more ownership and direction in the hands of students. Having a bot with answers to common questions that is ready to help when students need assistance frees up advising appointments for discussion around things like graduate school, research, internships, choosing a minor, or other topics that are at the heart of successful advising. In addition, advisors will have faster access to questions they may have about information that is infrequently needed and thus sometimes hard to retrieve."

Please remember our Advising PirateBot is still learning so we encourage you to ask the bot questions and we welcome any feedback. If you receive a message that you have stumped our bot, be sure to fill out a ticket! It will get sent to our [email protected] email and we will be sure to update and/or respond to your inquiry. Have fun chatting with Advising PirateBot! 

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