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Seton Hall University
Member of the Multicultural Advisory Committee.

Multicultural Advisory Committee

Mission Statement
The Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC) is a Seton Hall University student organization overseen by The Department of Student Life. MAC is dedicated to cultivating and promoting an inclusive multicultural involvement community that promotes the importance of shared vision, social connection, and collaborative efforts. Through leadership development, special events, and community building initiatives, MAC aims to serve and support culturally based organizations and programs.

Vision Statement
MAC's vision is of a campus that supports cultural differences and dialogues in diversity through education, celebration, and appreciation.

Serve and Support
MAC provides leadership development opportunities for students through multicultural competence-based events and programs. From power and privilege to belonging and inclusivity, MAC programs aid students in better navigating a diverse community. With programs like Diversity Week, U MATTER, MAC Monday's, and the International Food Truck Festival, MAC works to build community through social justice programming and co-sponsorships with community departments. 

Student organizations and campus departments also have the ability to apply for mini-grants from MAC. The MAC Grant is a fund designed to promote diversity programming at Seton Hall University. Student organizations and campus departments hosting cultural events and/or of cultural foundation may apply for MAC grants to support their event or initiative. Apply here »

Get Involved
General Body membership is open to all students. These students provide assistance for MAC programs and events, promotions, and service programming. General Body members also have the opportunity to serve on programming committees. 

MAC leadership roles are high-commitment student leadership positions at Seton Hall University. To inquire about how to serve on MAC's e-board, e-mail [email protected].

How can I find out information about MAC meetings and events?

For more information, contact the Office of Student Life or MAC's executive board at [email protected].