Seton Hall University

Class Absence Notification Procedure

Each professor sets the attendance policy for his/her class. Students should refer to the course syllabus to know the absence policy for each class.

Students are responsible for notifying their professors when a class is missed and for completing any course work associated with that class.

For absences of less than three (3) days the student should contact the professor(s) directly.

As a courtesy to students and professors, the Dean of Students will notify professors of a student’s absence of three (3) or more consecutive calendar days ONLY IF the following criteria are met:

  1. The student must provide written documentation from the appropriate third party to document the cause of the absence (i.e. doctor’s note specifying the illness and requirement to miss classes).
  2. The cause of the absence is for illness or family emergency.
  3. The request to the Dean’s Office, including the supporting documentation, MUST be made within two (2) weeks of the absence.  

NOTE: In all cases it is the professor’s prerogative as to how any class absence(s) will be treated. Notice from the Dean of Student’s Office is for informational purposes only.

Effective Date

August 1, 2010