Seton Hall University
An image of the seal on the University Green.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Seton Hall University Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) was charged with:

  1. providing direction and counsel throughout the planning process;
  2. engaging members of the Seton Hall community in discussions and other activities essential to the success of that process;
  3. reviewing and refining emerging planning themes, goals, and objectives; and
  4. overseeing the creation of the final strategic planning document. The SPC served as the primary liaison between the University and its planning consultants, Keeling & Associates, LLC (K&A).

Committee Members:

  • Co-chair, Dr. Andrew Simon, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Co-chair, Dr. Alyssa McCloud, Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management

4 Faculty Seats:

  • South Orange Campus: Dr. Vanessa H May, Assoc. Professor; Co-Director, Women and Gender Studies
  • South Orange Campus: Dr. Kurt Rotthoff, Professor, Dept. of Economic and Legal Studies
  • IHS Campus: Dr. Sona Patel, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Speech-Language Pathology
  • School of Law Campus: Dr. Charles Sullivan, Professor of Law

2 Student Seats:

  • Undergraduate Student: Mr. Stefan Ferreira
  • Graduate Student: Ms. Yolanda Jackson

1 Provost's Office Seat: Dr. Joan F. Guetti, Senior Associate Provost

1 Finance Office Seat: Mr. Stephen Graham, Chief Financial Officer

1 Student Services Seat: Dr. Shawna Cooper-Gibson, Vice President for Student Services

2 Priest Community Seats:

  • Reverend John J. Chadwick, S.T.D., Rector, The College Seminary - St. Andrew's Hall
  • Reverend John Ranieri, Professor and Director of Honors Program, Department of Philosophy

2 At-large Seats:

  • Athletics: Mr. Bryan Felt, Director of Athletics
  • Local 153: Ms. Mayra I. Colón, Assistant to the Dean, College of Human Development, Culture, and Media