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Seton Hall University
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Strategic Plan

From Strength to Strength

color-seal“From Strength to Strength” will move the University in six strategic directions to advance our mission to the year 2020 and beyond. It invites and encourages members of the Seton Hall community to discover and build upon the riches and resources of the Catholic intellectual tradition and to form servant leaders for a global society with increased vigor and commitment.
Preamble/Introduction »     Download the full Strategic Plan (PDF) »

Strategic Directions

Strategic Direction One: A Home for the Mind, the Heart and the Spirit
  1. Celebrate and integrate Catholic character, history and intellectual tradition into the life of the University.
  2. Create a campus environment that attracts, motivates and retains students who actively benefit from and further the Catholic and academic mission of the University.
Strategic Direction Two: Distinction in Academics and Scholarship
  1. Enhance the culture of excellence in academics.
  2. Enhance key support areas including the Library and technology. Learn more »
Strategic Direction Three: High Expectations for Student Success
  1. Identify, recruit and graduate academically prepared students.
  2. Enhance and expand opportunities for student success. Learn more »
Strategic Direction Four: Focus on Community
  1. Strengthen Seton Hall’s Catholic and academic identity.
  2. Develop a culture of engagement and service. Learn more »
Strategic Direction Five: Ambition in Outreach
  1. Increase local and national engagement.
  2. Increase international engagement. Learn more »
Strategic Direction Six: Responsibility in Stewardship
  1. Focus on priorities in resource allocation and reallocation.
  2. Diversify and increase sources of revenue. Learn more »
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