Seton Hall University

Other Considerations

If You Are a Resident Student – You will be required to leave the Residence Halls upon withdrawal. Only enrolled students may live in residence.

If You Are an International Student – If you are an F1 visa student, you must make an appointment with OIP before withdrawing from the University to discuss the status of your SEVIS record. Students who do not meet with OIP prior to leaving will be considered as withdrawing without authorization and may jeopardize their ability to return to the U.S. or apply for certain benefits in the future.

If You Are a Veteran or Receiving Military Benefits – Make sure to reach out to the Certifying Officer, Mr. Foster, or email [email protected] of your intentions. Your certification will need to be adjusted or amended according to VA rules. 

If You Have Student Health Insurance – Your policy will remain in effect as the premium was paid for one year.

If You Have an On-Campus Job – You will not be permitted to continue working once you withdraw.

If You are a Member of a Student Club or Organization – You will not be able to participate until you return as an enrolled student.

If You are unable to Complete Withdrawal Process in Person – Contact the Dean of Students Office (973-761-9076) so that we may assist you.