Seton Hall University

Academic Implications if You Withdraw

There are academic implications to consider if you withdraw. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • You will not earn any credits or passing grades for the semester. This means it will take you an additional semester (or summer terms) to graduate.
  • Your transcript will reflect WD grades in the place of standard grades for each course in which you are enrolled, provided that you officially withdraw within the designated withdrawal period. If you withdraw after the official withdrawal period ends, you will need to submit Course Adjustment Forms to your professors in order to receive a WD grade. (Students who are granted medical withdrawal will be eligible for WD grades.)
  • Depending upon the classes in which you are enrolled and if they are required for your degree, you may have to repeat those classes when you return. 
  • Your access to PirateNet and SHU email will be discontinued upon withdrawal (only enrolled students are permitted access to PirateNet).
  • You will have to return your laptop. Another laptop will be issued to you when you return. If you do not return your laptop, you will be charged for it.

Talk with your Academic Adviser for more information about academic implications and considerations.