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Seton Hall University
A campus shot of the University Green and President's Hall.

RAD Training Sessions

The RAD ( Rape Aggression Defense ) course is a self defense program designed to empower women by educating them about risk awareness, risk recognition, risk avoidance and risk reduction. This is an intensive program that also utilizes martial arts as a  practical means of defense against an assailant in a variety of circumstances. To date, it has been taught to over 250,000 women in colleges, universities and civic programs across North America. 

This class is open to all female students, staff and faculty who will receive training, instruction manuals and tee shirts at no cost. Participants must attend the first three sessions at a minimum and will then will be eligible to practice in any RAD program, anywhere in the country, for free, for life. The fourth class is a simulated full-contact exercise where participants will be able to use the techniques and strategies that they have learned on our specially trained instructors. 

If you have any questions regarding the program, please email Sergio Oliva at [email protected] or (973) 275-2814.