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Seton Hall University

Fire Awareness Safety Team

The Seton Hall Fire Awareness Safety Team (FAST) provides a mechanism for increasing the University community’s knowledge of fire safety procedures and for improving response to fire hazards and emergencies. The FAST team consists of University employees from each building on the University’s South Orange Campus that serve as Fire Safety Representatives for their facilities. These representatives participate in fire safety awareness and planning efforts, assist with fire drills and exercises, report fire hazards, and assist professional responders during fire emergencies.

One goal of the FAST program is to have two or more Fire Safety Representatives in each administrative, service, and academic facility to ensure coverage during working hours each work day. Larger facilities may be divided into several sections by floors or wings with each section having its own Fire Safety Representative(s). In the residence halls, the residence life staff members are trained to act as Fire Safety Representatives. Residence halls, therefore, have 24/7 coverage during the academic year.

FAST team members receive training in the following areas to prepare them to perform their duties as Fire Safety Representatives for their facility:

  • Fire chemistry and causes
  • Fire prevention
  • Fire survival and evacuation procedures
  • Fire extinguisher use and safety rules
  • Briefing on hazardous materials

This training is provided by the South Orange Fire Department and the SHU Dept. Of Public Safety & Security’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM).