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College of Arts and Sciences

Psychology Honors Program

Students with exceptional academic credentials and interest in advanced study in psychology are encouraged to apply to the Psychology Honors Program. This program involves the student in the design, execution, analysis and presentation of his or her original research project. This program also may be coordinated with the College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program. 

Students enrolled in the Psychology Honors Program must complete a minimum of 48 credits in psychology. Additionally, modifications to the psychology major requirements are applied as follows: 

1.  Students must complete: 

  • PSYC 3312 Advanced Experimental Psychology 
  • PSYC 5112 Honors Research (taken in lieu of PSYC 5111 or PSYC 5113) 
2. Two of the following courses must be taken with the related labs: 

  • PSYC 3214/3224 Cognitive Psychology/Laboratory 
  • PSYC 3215/3225 Learning/Laboratory 
  • PSYC 3217/3227 Biological Psychology/Laboratory
3. Students must complete 9 credits of PSYC electives. At least one of these must be a 2000-level course or higher. 

Information about admission to the Psychology Honors Program and additional details about program requirements may be obtained from the Director of the Psychology Honors Program, Dr. Paige Fisher.