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The Department of Psychology recognizes that the methods of scientific inquiry can be applied meaningfully and fruitfully to the understanding of individual behavior. The curriculum is designed to provide the student with a strong background in the methodology and content of psychology. The psychology minor is designed to expose students to a range of perspectives, methodologies and content areas.


Course Requirements

The psychology minor is designed to expose students to a range of perspectives, methodologies and content areas. In addition to the introductory course (PSYC 1101), students must select courses from three of the five categories of psychology courses. This provides sufficient breadth while permitting the students, with advisement, to obtain depth with the two remaining elective courses.

Required Course (3 credits):
PSYC 1101 Introduction to Psychology

Courses from three of the five following categories:
Biological Basis of Behavior and Mental Processes (3 credits):
PSYC 3213 Sensation and Perception 
PSYC 3217 Biological Psychology 
PSYC 3219 Human Neuropsychology 

Learning and Cognition (3 credits):
PSYC 3214 Cognitive Psychology  
PSYC 3220 Learning  
PSYC 3216 Motivation and Emotion

Social/Developmental (3 credits):
PSYC 1212 Child Psychology  
PSYC 1213 Adolescent Psychology 
PSYC 1214 Adult Development 
PSYC 1215 (WMST 1215) Psychology of Gender 
PSYC 2212 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 2216 Social Psychology
PSYC 3212 Advanced Social Psychology 

Fieldwork/Applied (3 credits):
PSYC 1216 Industrial/Organizational Psychology  
PSYC 1219 Sports Psychology
PSYC 1222 International Psychology 
PSYC 1223 Psychology of Religion 
PSYC 2315 Laboratory Research Experience 
PSYC 3408-3413 Internship in Psychology (3/6 credits) 

Clinical/Professional (3 credits):
PSYC 1218 Drug and Alcohol Abuse  
PSYC 1221 Exceptional Child Psychology  
PSYC 2211 Personality Concepts  
PSYC 2214 Abnormal Psychology 
PSYC 2215 Psychological Testing 
PSYC 2220 Behavior Modification 

Psychology Electives (6 credits):
Six of the 18 total credits for the minor must be at the 2000-level or higher.

Total: 18 credits

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Our faculty conduct internationally recognized research and innovative, technologically-enhanced instruction. Grounded in practical experience but exploring the frontiers of their disciplines, they are models of academic excellence.

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