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Seton Hall University

Patrick R Manning, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Director of the Seton Hall University Center for Catholic Studies
School of Theology

Prof. Patrick Manning specializes in the area of practical theology with a particular interest in religious education and catechesis. He has a background in parish catechesis and Catholic education, and holds advanced degrees from the University of Notre Dame and Boston College. Prof. Manning’s current research and praxis focus on methods of religious education and faith formation, Christian spirituality, and contemplative pedagogy. Some of his other interests include theological anthropology, evangelization, and the interfacing of faith and culture. As an educator and pastoral theologian, Prof. Manning directs his research and teaching toward inviting people into the fullness of life that Jesus offers. His book, Converting the Imagination (Pickwick Publications), presents a new approach to religious education focused on helping people find meaning in the Christian tradition for their lives in the face of the challenges of contemporary culture. 

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