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Seton Hall University
Student posing with her Petersheim poster presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I participate in the Academic Exposition?

  • Extend your education beyond the classroom. It is an opportunity to learn about the scholarly activities of fellow undergraduate and graduate students. If you are unfamiliar with formal academic presentations, this is also an opportunity to see what they are like.     
  • Showcase your academic work. You worked hard! Why not show it off?
  • Build your résumé. Adding to your résumé a presentation that you made at a formal university event enhances your attractiveness to graduate schools and potential employers.
  • Gain experience communicating your ideas to others. Communicating your ideas is a critical skill regardless of your future educational and professional plans.     
  • Citizenship and community. "Community is at the heart of Christian education. From a Christian perspective, integral personal growth, even growth in grace and the spiritual life, is not possible without integral social life. To understand this is a high form of learning; to foster such understanding is a crucial task of education." From Seton Hall University: A Catholic University.
  • Be considered for a Student Travel Award! Awarded to select students each Expo, the award is a reimbursement stipend that can be used toward the presentation of your research at a regional, national or international conference.  

How can I participate in the Academic Exposition?

  • Attend the Exposition. Come to learn about, and support, the scholarly work of the people in the Seton Hall community.
  • Consider making a presentation at the Exposition.
    • Oral Presentations are 10 to 15 minute talks presented to a small audience. Use of visual aids (e.g., PowerPoint ™ ) are encouraged.
    • Poster Presentations last longer than oral presentations. Posters are displayed on poster board frames and the presenter is required to remain by the poster for at least a part of the poster display time (e.g., 60 minutes.)
    • Other presentations formats are also welcome! These can include demonstrations, concerts, dance and other performances.
  • If you are interested in presenting at the Exposition, please submit an abstract application; students must have a faculty sponsor.

What are the qualifications for presenting at the Academic Exposition?

  • All students, faculty and staff are invited to propose undergraduate and graduate student presentations.
  • To submit a proposal, students and/or faculty must complete an abstract application; students must have a faculty sponsor.
  • Applications will be reviewed and applicants notified of acceptance and scheduled time.

I wish to present at the Expo. How do I apply?

The application form requires a brief abstract describing the work you wish to present. Applications can be filled out online.

Where can I get help to prepare for the Academic Exposition?

Your main source of assistance is your faculty sponsor. However, you can click here to find some basic information on preparing poster and paper presentations as well other useful information.

May I invite family members and friends to my presentation?

Absolutely! All students are encouraged to invite family and friends to attend the Exposition.