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Seton Hall University
Grandparents and parents visiting for Seton Hall Weekend.

Visitor Parking

Visitors are always welcome at Seton Hall University. A visitor parking permit is required to park a vehicle on campus and may be obtained at any of the guard booths as you enter campus.

Any person who is not a student, faculty member, employee, recreation center member or a regularly contracted vendor/contractor is considered a guest and will be issued a guest permit at either Farinella Gate or Ward Place Gate. The permit is good for one day only and invalid after 11:59 p.m.

Overnight guests of students are asked to come to the Parking Services office during regular business hours or the Public Safety and Security building after hours to register for their visitor permit. These guests should be registered through their host student's housing before coming to Parking Services for their parking permit. Parking permits are available for $11 per day plus tax where applicable.

Visitors who need to park on campus for a longer period of time should stop by the Parking Services Office during normal business hours or go to Public Safety and Security after hours. 

Students, faculty, and employees may not receive a guest pass for their use. 

For information on where to park on campus, look at the campus parking map.