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The Heart of the Hall Student Publication Recognized by Catholic Media Association  

The Heart of the Hall publicationsThe Heart of the Hall, a student publication for the Office of Mission and Ministry, received an Honorable Mention as one of the Best University Student Publications from the Catholic Media Association, an organization of nearly 250 publication and 500 individual Catholic journalists and communications professionals in the United States and Canada.

The publication received notice in May that its Fall 2020 Edition, which can be read for free on its blog, was recognized with the Honorable Mention as part of the Association's Student Journalism Awards, acknowledging the outstanding work of students studying in the communication and arts fields.

"This award means a lot as we have been working hard and putting everything we can into each edition," said Emma Newgarden, editor-in-chief of content and rising senior majoring in Religion and Classical Studies with a minor in English. "It's encouraging to see that our hard work is getting recognized and paying off, and hopefully our readers are also picking up the honesty and truth we work so hard to put into our articles."


Headshot image of Emma Newgarden

Emma Newgarden, a rising senior and student editor for The Heart of the Hall publication. 

The laureled edition featured a new design by Bridgette Favale, editor-in-chief of layout and rising senior studying English. It also has a letter from Newgarden in which she highlights the pieces in the issue which include a biography of University namesake Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, an interview with Varsity Catholic missionary Jessica Brinker and opinion pieces on hope, beauty standards and Songs of Devotion.

Founded in 2018, The Heart of the Hall's mission is to publish articles to lead students, faculty and alumni to recognize the value in the Catholic Mission at Seton Hall University, by drawing their hearts and minds towards Catholicism's truth and beauty.

"We want everyone from the Seton Hall community to get something from The Heart of the Hall," Favale said. "While we do want to help religious people grow in their faith, the publication can also help those who are not religious explore the Catholic tradition."

headshot image of Bridgette Favale

Bridgette Favale, a rising senior and student editor for The Heart of the Hall publication.

Favale and Newgarden lead a small team of students under the guidance of faculty advisor Monsignor Dennis Mahon to publish both print issues, which are distributed around the South Orange and IHS campuses, and the online versions of the articles available on The Heart of the Hall blog.

"The original purpose for Benjamin Jaros, an alum and the publication's founder, was to set up a discussion by and among Seton Hall students into how they, as students, saw their own contribution to fulfilling Seton Hall's Catholic mission," Mahon said. "All the articles from the beginning have attempted that, and the Honorable Mention award confirms that a journalism organization recognizes our students' efforts."

Seton Hall students interested in joining the staff of The Heart of the Hall or contributing to the publication as a writer or artist, reach out at or direct message @shuheartofthehall on Instagram. To read all issues and articles for free, including the most recent Winter Edition 2021, click here.

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