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The Pre-Professional Advising Center (P-PAC) hosted a Manual Dexterity Workshop on March 29th for pre-dental students and those exploring the career. Manual Dexterity is an important skill for dentists to master as working with small tools inside patients' mouths requires skillful, precise, and coordinated movements.

Students were able to work on this skill through soap carving. Each student was provided with a bar of Ivory soap and a set of carving tools to carve out a mandible. Check out some of their work!

WorkshopA photo of carved out teethA photo of a teeth model

The P-PAC encourages students to continue working on their manual dexterity through other activities such as painting, sewing, woodcarving, playing instruments, or even video games! The Dental Admission Test (DAT) tests students on these skills and interviewers will be interested in how students have developed their skills throughout their undergraduate years. Attendees were also provided with a dental mirror so that they can practice using this odontological tool to magnify images while getting used to the inversion as well.

WorkshopStudents interested in a career in dentistry can contact the P-PAC via email, make an appointment or stop by during drop in hours!

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