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Calling Student Actors: Be Featured in Seton Hall’s The College Tour Episode  

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Seton Hall University to be a featured episode on Amazon Prime's The College Tour.

Seton Hall University is excited to announce its partnership with Amazon Prime’s The College Tour, a TV series brought to viewers by multi-award-winning producers. Hosted by Alex Boylan, each episode of The College Tour tells the story of a single college through the lens of its students, a modern twist on traditional college tours.

From campus life, academics, housing, sports, activities, and much more, each student-driven segment will give audiences an inside look at what it’s truly like being a student at Seton Hall University. The University’s featured episode will take viewers into the life of 10 Pirates, who will each tell their story of where they are from, where they are now, and where they are going after graduation.

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Hosted by Alex Boylan, each episode of The College Tour tells the story of a single college.

Seton Hall is looking for fun and engaging students who want to share their unique college experience as Pirates and be featured in the University’s College Tour episode.

Production will take place on campus on May 1 – 5, and the episode will air on various channels in Fall 2023. If you are interested in auditioning, please fill out the casting form here and upload a video (under 2 mins) telling us why you would be the perfect student to help tell the story of Seton Hall University.

To learn more about this series and see examples of student segments, go to Join us for a truly one-of-a-kind series featuring Seton Hall University in a way we have never seen before.

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