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2022 Servant Leader Award Recipients  

servantleaders2022x320On behalf of the 2022 Servant Leader Awards Committee, we are honored to announce the Eighteenth annual Servant Leader Awards recipients.

For the past 18 years, the Servant Leader Awards have striven to seek out and honor students whose dedication to service both on and off campus can serve as an example to their peers and all of us at Seton Hall. Over the years, these awards have shone a light on students who sought to serve others not for recognition but because of their innate call to end social injustice in all walks of life.

We are proud to announce four recipients for this year's awards. Sanika Joshi, a Senior majoring in Biology & Philosophy; Christopher Scales, a final year candidate at the Seton Hall Law School; Jennifer Orth, a Junior majoring in Biochemistry & Philosophy; and Claudia Romani, a senior is the Psychology Program. Each recipient's contributions to acts of love and service are unique and widespread within the Seton Hall community and beyond.

On April 5th, an in- person ceremony was held in celebration of year's recipients. Family and friends were able to join from near and far to celebrate with our recipients. President Nyre also shared poignant remarks on the role of servant leadership as embodying Christ on earth, which our four recipients exemplify for us.

We are deeply proud of the impact each of our recipients has already made on our community simply by loving their neighbor. Thank you for your constant efforts towards the betterment of our communities and all of humanity. Your hard work and service towards the transcendence of humanity will not go unnoticed!

Click here to watch the 2022 Eighteenth Annual Student Servant Leader Awards video!

Categories: Faith and Service

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