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Sixth Edition of In the Lead Navigates the AI Revolution

A photo of the Fall 2023 magazine cover of In the Lead, a magazine published by the Buccino Leadership Institute.The Buccino Leadership Institute has released the Fall 2023 issue of In the Lead magazine, which focuses on leadership in the age of AI. As you read the perspectives presented in this issue, you will note that no one argues with the assistive power of AI or its disruptive power to change industries, societies, and economies. The concern is trust and ethical considerations. Everyone realizes the risk of AI going rogue, yet everyone is optimistic that humans will manage it for the greater good.

"The overall goal should not be to reject but to embrace AI with the proper controls. Even though there is some self-governance as innovators unleash AI on humanity, the role of the regulators has never been more critical. While there is always the need for a proper balance between innovation and regulation, in the case of AI, it does feel like the need for regulation is critical. At the same time, leaders across industries should embrace AI, understand its potential and limitations, integrate it into their business workflows, and disrupt the status quo where possible," says Professor Ruchin Kansal, the editor of the magazine.

The issue also includes the results from the 2023 Future of Leadership Survey, a global survey focused on gathering insight and foresight on the future of leadership from 18-30-year-olds. This year’s results include insights from more than 5000 respondents from North and South America, EU5, Asia, and Africa.

This issue — and all previous issues — can be accessed here.  

In this issue:

"Disruption, Innovation, Leadership and Building Our Future"
Leading the charge by embracing disruption, driving Innovation and guiding AI’s impact on our future.
By Ruchin Kansal, M.B.A., Jack Shannon, J.D., and Andrew Simon, Ph.D., Psy.D.

"Data-Centric Leadership"
In this transformative era, leaders must adapt their mindset and skill set to embrace the potential of AI while managing its challenges and risks.
By Kaitki Agarwal

"In the Lead with Polly Mitchell-Guthrie"
A conversation with a leader in industry outreach and thought leadership to discuss how humans and AI can work together to achieve more comprehensive outcomes.
By The Editor

"Leadership Lessons"
The emergence of Generative AI presents a transformative moment in history, and its impact is expected to be rapid and significant. 
By Rajesh Radhakrishnan

"In the Crucible"
Leveraging technology and embracing change is the new paradigm for 21st century leadership.
By Clint Wallace

"In Focus"
Cristina Hill ’20 explains that critical thinking is the most important skill to being successful. It enables you to question assumptions, evaluate evidence, and mitigate risks. A Unified Vision
Navigating resistance and embracing change in the age of AI: A multi-step approach for effective leadership.
By Rama Iyer

"Case Study"
In the AI era, leadership will require navigating a changing landscape with emotional Intelligence and empathy. 
By Viswa Viswanathan, Ph.D.

"The Future of Leadership Survey: 2023"
By Ruchin Kansal, M.B.A., Karen Boroff, Ph.D., and Bianca Johnson, MS Candidate.

"Battle of Wits in the Digital Era"
Leveraging data, analytics and AI can remove traditional constraints on business growth.
Reviewed by Paula Alexander, Ph.D., J.D. and Stephen Woods, M.S.

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